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Welcome to BCT Aviation Maintenance

We are a UK based company who operate globally. We are EASA 145 approved for Base Maintenance, Line Maintenance and Oxygen Servicing. We have Canadian (TCCA) and United Arab Emirates (GCAA) approvals as well.

Global Line Maintenance

Global Line Maintenance

We manage a global line maintenance and AOG support operation from our UK head office. We specialise in setting up line stations at short notice in difficult locations anywhere in the world.

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Base Maintenance

Base Maintenance

BCT has entered into a 2 year venture with Cardiff Aviation Ltd at St Athan airfield near Cardiff (DGX).
Cardiff Aviation Limited was established in 2012 by seasoned aviation professional Mario Fulgoni, and Bruce Dickinson, vocalist with rock band Iron Maiden

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Global AOG Support

Global AOG Support

BCT has entered into a joint venture with DART AOG Ltd, a UK based fuel tank and structural repair company.
We can now provide support in the UK and Worldwide for engine changes, structural repairs, fuel tank leaks, unscheduled boroscope inspections etc

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Paint Support

Paint Support

The aircraft repaint process is now classed as a Base maintenance activity by many regulatory authorities including EASA.

BCT are fully approved to carry out paint certification at various locations and subject to satisfactory audit this can also be accomplished at any paint facility.
We can also carry out any repairs that may be required after the bare metal inspection

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BCT Global Operations

BCT Global Operations

Our line maintenance and AOG support is global. We are able to react at very short notice as our manpower and processes are organised such we can set up a line station anywhere in the world very quickly. We pride ourselves in the speed at which we have achieved this repeatedly in the past. This comes particularly useful for ACMI operations where we have truly impressed our airline customers. Whether you need a line station for 3 months or for 5 years, anywhere in the world; we will make a business plan that will work for you.

Why Choose Us?

We are very different to most line maintenance organisations because:

  • We have base maintenance approval to back up our line maintenance during AOG situations, for tasks such as structural repairs and major component changes, as well being able to accommodate scheduled maintenance tasks such as: engine/APU/landing gear changes and other modifications.

  • We have made significant investment in tooling including mobile workshop with a tool control system for larger away from base work-packages.

  • Our manpower and processes are organised such we can react on a tactical basis very quickly for Global AOG support or to set up a line station anywhere in the world. We have travelled to the arctic circle, deserts and war-zones just to name a few.

Our Locations

  • CWL

  • DWC

  • DXB

  • EDI

  • EMA

  • FCO

  • RKT

  • SHJ

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Aircraft Types

  • A300

  • B737-Classic

  • A310

  • B737-NG

  • A320-Series

  • B747 all series incl B747-8

  • A330

  • B757

  • A340

  • B767

  • Oxygen Servicing

  • B777

  • BAE146/RJ

Professional Services

BCT offer a range of professional services to meet ALL your aviation needs.

  • Line and Base - A Checks
  • C Checks
  • Engine & APU Changes
  • Landing Gear Changes
  • Modifications
    (AD/SB, avionics, LOPA/cabin changes, B737/B757/B767 winglet installation )
  • Structural Repairs
  • ACMI Wet Lease Support
  • Aircraft Acceptance & Lease Return
  • Aircraft Storage and Management
  • Aircraft Dismantling/ Part out
  • Line Maintenance Support
  • Temporary Line Stations
  • Worldwide AOG Recovery